18 Oct 2019 — 19 Oct 2019

Art Gallery of NSW, 18 Oct

MAAS, 19 Oct

VENUE: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, The Art Gallery of NSW

When only 35% of Australians with so-called mental health problems seek help from health providers, perhaps the cultural sector is key to providing greater insight, agency, resources and collective action? 



This 2-day conference explores collaborative cultures that enmesh arts with science, clinical and other knowledges to create new way to imagine the future. It looks at the psychological and social work of the arts and asks what role the cultural sector might play in ensuring our health and wellbeing, not as an abstract proposition but in ways that save and transform lives.

Through workshops and presentations, the Conference focuses on the practical questions of how we generate individual and collective responses to address anxieties, loss of hope and the general failure of future thinking.  In suggesting new ways for cultural institutions to help, it also discusses what this could mean for the future of museums, galleries and cultural practice.

Keynote speakers include: Renata Salecl (Slovenia), acclaimed author of On Anxiety and Choice; Claire Doherty (UK), curator; Nathan Filer (UK), author and mental health nurse; Leigh Ledare (USA), artist and filmmaker; the Uti Kulintjaku initiative (AUS), artists and traditional healers; and Lisa Havilah (AUS), CEO of Powerhouse Museum