24 Oct 2017
12:00 pm — 2:00 pm

VENUE: UNSW Galleries, Art and Design, Paddington Campus

The Anxiety Women’s Circle is a two hour workshop exploring the role anxiety plays in the modern world, and how we can manage it in order to move from a stressful life to a satisfying one!

Ixi Ávila is the the founder of Satisfaction, an Emotional Intelligence Coaching program for women.

Before becoming a coach, Ixi experienced serious anxiety throughout her teenage years. Slowly, step by step, she armed herself with a selection of resources and tools.

Nowadays, she is still occasionally visited by anxiety but by understanding it and working with it rather than against it, she has learned that she can be in charge of her own experiences and prevent anxiety from sabotaging her life.

Feeling Satisfied is Ixi’s new normal but for years, stress was her default state of mind!

Her aim in this workshop is to help other likeminded women release tension and learn to manage their internal state so they can start the beautiful process of moving from Stress to Satisfaction!

If any of this resonates within you, let’s chat! Ixi would love to help and share all that she has learnt over the years.


-Practical tools, theatre games and coaching exercises that will help to rewrite the role that anxiety plays in your life!

-A short meditation practice designed to help you gain control of your body for moments when anxiety is in charge.

-The opportunity to share a couple of hours with a group of like-minded women who, like you, have suffered or are suffering anxiety. (A problem shared is a problem halved!)


By the end of the session, my goal is to ensure that:

– You have identified the reasons behind your anxiety’s presence.

– You are aware of how anxiety affects you personally.

– You are ready to move from stress to satisfaction.

– You have enough tools and resources to change your life for the better.

– Your questions are answered!