12 Oct 2017 — 21 Oct 2017
12:00 pm — 7:00 pm

VENUE: The Crescent, Parramatta Park

Apocalypse Anonymous is an immersive installation exploring how we as a species are preparing to emotionally, physically, and spiritually cope with impending catastrophic climate change.

Enter the physical manifestation of an online doomsday forum, confront the reality of a survival bunker or surrender yourself to a guided meditation on extinction and transcendence as you explore aspects of eco-anxiety.

How are we, as individuals and communities, psychologically processing strange weather patterns, environmental degradation and species loss associated with climate change? Through interviews with experts, conversations with communities, and participation in online forums, Tiyan Baker and Loren Kronemyer have gathered some of the diverse responses to climate anxiety that pervade our collective consciousness.

In Apocalypse Anonymous, three retrofitted shipping containers offer portals into these different preparedness strategies, each containing an multi-sensory installation featuring first-hand documents from communities of people who are getting ready for the end.

At once confronting and comforting, Apocalypse Anonymous offers an opportunity to consciously face the climate-altered future of our species together.

Festival Commission.

Presented in partnership with Parramatta Park.

This project has been assisted by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund.


Artist Biography

Tiyan Baker

Tiyan Baker is a video and sound artist based in Sydney. Her practice explores the emotional experience of the self as embedded in greater socio-political and cultural contexts. Working intimately with individuals and communities, Baker refracts mundane moments of existence to reveal transformative possibilities. Baker examines public and private lives, on-and-offline experiences, the individual and society, fantasy and fact. Recent projects have seen her work with Australian YouTubers and their fans, the users of the disturbing subreddit r/WatchPeopleDie and online human extinction communities.  Baker graduated with an Award of Distinction in Fine Arts/Arts from the University of New South Wales (2011).

Loren Kronemyer

Loren Kronemyer is an internationally exhibiting artist from Los Angeles, California. Using a transdisciplinary methodology, Kronemyer works with processes of interspecies communication within an artistic framework. Recent projects include the immersive artwork Ecosexual Bathhouse, where participants explore the world of environmental sexual signalling, and the public artwork Mount Force, which incorporated live birds of prey into the patrols of the mounted police.  She is currently an artist in residency at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.  Her artwork has been featured by Next Wave Festival, the Fremantle Art Centre, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, The Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Proximity Festival, and Perth International Arts Festival.