20 Sep 2017 — 14 Oct 2017
10:00 am — 5:00 pm

VENUE: Fisher Library, University of Sydney

Emma Robertson’s exhibition of drawn images of plants, explores the potential for images to induce a calm meditation.

One of the simplest and most immediately accessible ways to lift your mood is a walk in the countryside or along the beach. Can spending time in front of a piece of art have a similar effect? Influenced by recent work on biophilia and ecopsychology, Emma proposes that observing natural forms can help to reduce blood pressure, improve immune responses, and help alleviate depression and anxiety. Art and nature in this sense combine to provide an antidote.

The exhibition spans three levels of the Fisher Library at the University of Sydney.

Two workshops associated with the Art + Nature: Antidotes to Anxiety exhibition will be held at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney on Sunday 8 and Sunday 22 October.

BOOK your participation in either of the workshops online here.

Drawing for the Mind – Sunday 8 October – Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 10am – 1pm (class size 25)

Making with Mindfulness – Sunday 22 Oct – Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 10am – 1pm (class size 25)

This project is supported by the Scientia Education Fellowship (UNSW), Fisher Library, University of Sydney and The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Artist Biography

Emma Robertson

Emma is an award winning artist, whose work is in seven public collections in four countries. The Hospital Trust for Scotland purchased two works for their permanent collection, which were commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council for the exhibition Wordworks. Emma’s work has been competitively selected for the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, the JADA, and four International Biennials of Drawing. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Scientia Education Fellow / Associate Professor at UNSW, and a previous Artist in Residence at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Her expertise in education relating to entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity at University and Executive Education levels has seen her win three prestigious teaching awards.