1 Oct 2019 — 31 Oct 2019

Check Community of Calm

For full list of events and venues during the month of October.

A month-long event bringing practitioners and the community together to try creative and expressive arts, activities and therapies on the Northern Beaches.


Over 40 practitioners are sharing their work: dance, yoga, breathing, mindfulness, meditation, arts, naturopathy, nutrition, soothing sessions, body mapping and other therapeutic services.  Check out the extensive Arts for Wellness calendar and book into as many of these low-cost events as you like.

Arts for Wellness invites the community to explore and experience events, classes and educational workshops that help with stress reduction, relaxation and social connection.

Arts for Wellness aims to bring awareness to creative arts and other therapeutic approaches for mental health wellness and self-care.

What we now know is that talking therapy is not enough for individuals who are looking to heal from their past traumas and current stressors – huge volumes of research and work shows that the healing pathway needs to include a range of creative, expressive activities, which is the foundation of the Arts for Wellness project.

The project is a proactive response to the high levels of grief and distress experienced by too many families and communities across the Northern Beaches.

And now we can all gain access to this wondrous program which is a full calendar available for the month-long Arts for Wellness October project.

TIPS Community of Calm will host the launch event for Arts for Wellness project on 24 September 2019.

For more information visit: Community of Calm