15 Oct 2019
12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

VENUE: Room D111, D Block, Art & Design Campus, Paddington

iDentity: Understanding online identity and using social media mindfully


Social media has become a huge consumer of our time and has the potential to have a huge impact on our self worth and overall well-being. Never before have we had the opportunity to create a digital identity and share it with the world, and in turn, have access and insight into the lives of so many others. 

Regular use of these apps have been shown to bring up feelings of worthlessness, of envy, of disappointment & loneliness. And yet we can’t pull ourselves away – even a one-day digital detox can leave us sweating & anxious.

This workshop isn’t going to be an hour of telling you why you need to put your smartphone down – but rather, an insight into how your social media habits might be contributing to your anxiety & self esteem issues, and how a few adjustments with how you interact with social media can help shift these habits into more positive & helpful behaviours. 

Led by content producer for The Indigo Project & psych researcher, Ash King, you’ll gain insight into how social media presses our buttons and learn how to integrate therapeutic principles in order to bring your online identity in line with your true, authentic self. 

What you will learn:

  • Why social media consumes our time & makes us feel crappy 
  • Awareness around why we share what we do and how that helps/hinders us
  • The importance of developing a strong, embodied self outside the digital space 
  • How to assess your current social media habits 
  • mindfulness activities and how to breathe through reactivity 

How to bring your online self in line with your values & priorities 

Artist Biography

Ash King

Ash King is a psychology researcher and content creator for the progressive Sydney psychology practice, The Indigo Project. She is dedicated to helping people live their best lives with creativity, passion and purpose. She has worked across a range of creative fields, including film & television, live music, visual arts and commercial radio, as well as coaching and mentoring in the health & fitness industry. She believes that learning to manage the mind can be a fun and inquisitive process. Through humour, wisdom and insight, she helps individuals & organisations develop practical skills to go deep, get wise, and be happy.