7 Oct 2022



The Garden Building

RMIT City Campus
Bowen St, above StrEAT Cafe


Friday 7 October 2022, 11am – 4pm

VENUE: RMIT Garden Building

Awkward Conversations offers one-on-one conversations in experimental formats, tackling anxieties, habits and hard-to-talk about subjects like mental health. 


Debra Keenahan has achondroplasia dwarfism. She is always looked at, often stared at, sometimes laughed at, but what she really wants is to be spoken with.

What to Expect: Take a walk with Debra and find out how she sees the world and the world sees her.


Artist Biography

Debra Keenahan

Debra Keenahan is an artist, psychologist and author. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions and sole and co-authored a book, book chapters and articles. Her work focusses upon the personal and social impacts of disability. Having achondroplasia dwarfism, Debra brings personal insight to understanding the dynamics of interpersonal interactions that include/exclude the visibly different from equitable social relations. Her work employs a variety of mediums to communicate with and engage people on difficult issues. By presenting alternative perspectives and experimenting with point of view, Debra’s work aims to immerse people into the lived experiences of the socially excluded so as to gain insight, understanding and empathy for human conditions that are not readily emulated.

How to Engage

Awkward Conversations are 20 minutes sessions between you and the artist. Please click the booking link and select the date and time for the artist you would like to have a conversation with.

Due to extremely limited spots for this work, please send a cancellation request via ticketing@wheelercentre.com if you are unable to make it so we can give the opportunity to someone else.