7 Oct 2022 — 8 Oct 2022



The Garden Building

RMIT City Campus
Bowen St, above StrEAT Cafe


Friday 7 October 2022, 11am – 4pm

Saturday 8 October 2022, 11am – 4pm

VENUE: RMIT Garden Building

Awkward Conversations offers one-on-one conversations in experimental formats, tackling anxieties, habits and hard-to-talk about subjects like mental health. 


Peta Murray likes to walk her own talk. She has always made art from pedestrian matters. Play and perambulation are critical to her lifelong management of GAD and Depression. She is an expert on grief and loss, and a believer in daily rites and rituals of meaningful irreverence. She is also an HSP but will not disclose what this is, because it takes one to know one!  

What to Expect: In this conversation, I set out to take an Audit of your Playfulness and an Inventory of your Inanity.  Together we will give your Inner Childishness a thorough Check-up. This is a Serious Matter. As a qualified Doctor, I may then undertake, with your permission, to Finetune your Frivolity, or Recharge your Risibility, and/or to nurse your Appetite for the Nonsensical back to Rude Health. No Guarantees. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Artist Biography

Peta Murray

Peta Murray is a recovering playwright turned writer-performer and late-blooming academic. Best known for her plays Wallflowering and Salt, she has been awarded a Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Drama, an Australian Writers’ Guild Gold AWGIE and a Centenary Medal for Services to Literature. 

Peta holds a PhD from RMIT University where she is a Lecturer in the School of Media and Communication. These days she writes extravaganzas with preposterous titles, performs essays, collaborates on loopy approaches to memoir, queers the q(a)antata, and makes mischief with The Symphony of Awkward in the emergent discourse of diarology. As co-founder of The Groundswell Project Peta is at ease conversing about death and dying, ageing and illness, and grief and loss. On the flipside, her commitment to the playful in everyday life has saved her own Mental Elf many times over. 

How to Engage

Awkward Conversations are 20 minutes sessions between you and the artist. Please click the booking link and select the date and time for the artist you would like to have a conversation with.

Due to extremely limited spots for this work, please send a cancellation request via ticketing@wheelercentre.com if you are unable to make it so we can give the opportunity to someone else.