A practical tool for cultivating empathy, designed by psychologists and artists to complement your visit to The Empathy Clinic.



Perspective shifting is a pre-condition of empathy, and the virtual reality works of The Empathy Clinic will provide a powerful spur for this. But for empathy to best be sustained and consolidated, some reflective work needs to be done.

The Course of Empathy app encourages people to further respond to their VR perspective-sharing experiences, with a range of follow-up tools and resources (quizzes, exercises, videos, or self-assessments).

Course of Empathy is developed by The Felt Experience & Empathy Lab (fEEL) – an Australian Research Council funded lab – and is a world-first at bringing together psychology and the arts to advance practical research into empathy. Designed as an artwork with social and personal benefits, the app invites participants to assess their increase in empathy resulting from engagement with The Big Anxiety 2019.

See www.courseofempathy.org