19 Oct 2017
6:30 pm — 7:45 pm

VENUE: Belvoir Street Theatre

Do you work with a d**khead boss? Does your workplace feel toxic?
Organisational research shows that 75% of people say their boss is the worst part of their job. Workplace bullying in Australia has nearly doubled in recent years, leaving some with mental health issues.

Why are so many people complaining about their workplaces? Why does work mean so much to people? Why do companies espouse values that aren’t truthful? Join an organisational guru, a bullying expert, a philosopher and a HR sage as they dissect how to deal with a dickhead and detoxify the office.

Hong-Kong based Dr Richard Claydon is an organisational expert who has worked at the Macquarie School of Management and Asia Pacific International College.

Dr Carlo Caponecchia is a senior Lecturer at the University of NSW with expertise in stress, psychological hazards at work and workplace safety.

Katriina Tahka is an internationally recognised diversity and inclusion professional, and co-CEO of A Human Agency, an HR consultancy.

Jean-Philippe Deranty is Associate Professor in Philosophy at Macquarie University with a special interest in work.