28 May 2022


No booking required

Embodimap will also be showing at The Big Reach on Thur 26 & Fri 27 May.



VENUE: QUT Gardens Theatre, 2 George Street, Brisbane QLD 

EmbodiMap is a creative Virtual Reality experience that enables users to connect with and explore how their feelings, anxieties and emotions are experienced in the body.


EmbodiMap invites participants to engage with a virtual 3D facsimile of the body, entering inside this form and using the tool to paint sensations as they are experienced inside the body. An advance on technologies/media that allow only surface drawing, EmbodiMap promotes a palpable, interactive engagement with the ‘avatar’ body. 

EmbodiMap may be used to address stress or trauma, or simply as a creative tool for drawing, painting and movement in virtual reality.

EmbodiMap can be experienced solo or as a shared remote session with multiple participants. The viewer can choose a self-directed session or a guided mindful meditation. Participants can select from a range of 3D avatar bodies, shaping the posture of the body,  which mirrors their own pose. Various stimulating or calming environments are available to choose from and users can interact and draw directly with their hands without the need for VR controllers.  

EmbodiMap is created by fEEL, felt Experience and Empathy Lab — a team of creative arts and clinically trained researchers who are available to discuss various applications related to trauma and mental health.

The free EmbodiMap VR app is available from Oculus App Lab. Download it for free for Oculus Quest VR headset here.

Lab Director, Scientia Prof Jill Bennett; Lead VR/Immersive Design researcher, Volker Kuchelmeister.

This research was funded by the Australian Government’s Australian Research Council. Professor Jill Bennett is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Australian Laureate Fellowship. FL170100131