20 Sep 2017

VENUE: UNSW Galleries, Paddington Campus

Wearable technology as a form of non-verbal communication for men, e-motion measures physiological data from the body, expressed as dynamic light displays.

This range of e-textile menswear garments is designed in a contemporary style that combines ‘street-wear’ and ‘active-wear’ and will be showing as part of the The Big Anxiety opening night.

In response to sensors measuring pulse, muscle tension and proximity, each garment displays coloured light animations that emulate the physical manifestations of different emotions — like a pounding heart, a rush of adrenaline or the feeling of ‘butterflies’ in the stomach.

By enabling men to be more openly expressive, the stereotypical expectations of masculinity can change; instead of hiding them, feelings can be displayed as interactive gestures.

Lilian Hambling won the prestigious Good Design Awards and is Young Designer of the Year Award, 2017, for E-motion. She is a graduate of UNSW.