23 Oct 2019

Wednesday 23rd October, 3.00-5.30pm

Sydney Town Hall, The Vault


Wed 6th Nov 12:00-2:30pm
Empathy Clinic UNSW Galleries

VENUE: Sydney Town Hall, The Vault & Empathy Clinic UNSW Galleries Paddington

What is it like to hear voices?


Engaging with people who hear voices requires the ability to understand and empathise with voice-hearing experiences. Although it is estimated that 5-28% of people experience voices, negative community attitudes and stereotypes result in feelings of shame, fear of being ‘different’, and experiences of stigma, and staying silent about hearing voices can lead to isolation, loss of social support, and distress.

Voice-hearing simulations are one way to destigmatize the experience of hearing voices and to increase empathy towards people who hear voices. This workshop aims to help develop an understanding of voice-hearing and empathy for people who hear voices. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the impact of ‘hearing voices’ and discuss this experience with a panel of experts.

Dr Fiona Orr and Professor Tracy Levett-Jones of the UTS Faculty of Health, with experts by experience, Douglas Holmes and Paula Hanlon.