22 Sep 2017 — 13 Oct 2017

Every Friday

VENUE: D Block, Room 109, UNSW, Art and Design, Paddington Campus

As part of The Big Anxiety associated program, ‘Human Library’ is a student-run project that tackles stereotypes and everyday concerns through regular ‘readings’ of  living ‘books’. Instead of reading a text, visitors engage with real life people talking about their experiences.

Currently nested in the creative community of UNSW Art & Design, Human Library has been initiated by students as a safe space to tell a story, or to listen and ask questions. Every Friday during The Big Anxiety Festival, Human Library covers themes relevant to the festival, addressing both personal and collective issues, such as the prevalence of depression among students; better arrangement of workspace to sustain a happier and more productive psychology; the frustration of lacking ideas, or the dreaded artist’s block.

Constantly evolving, Human Library welcomes individual ‘readers’, ‘books’, and ‘librarians’ of all ages, backgrounds, fields of study/work to drop in the ‘library’. We are also open to requests for themes that you may want to explore. Feel free to join us, bringing your favourite nibbles, songs, human companions, or simply yourself. Your stories and ideas should not be silenced!

For information please email: HumanLibrary.Librarian@gmail.com

Banner image credit: Sizhou Liu