24 Oct 2017
5:00 pm — 7:00 pm

VENUE: Elwyn Lynn Conference Centre, Art and Design Campus, Paddington

We are taking part in the 50th year global celebrations of Leonardo. Please come along to celebrate Leonardo’s 50th and discuss with colleagues thoughts on the future of publishing in the area of art and science.


Moderator – Paul Thomas, with Ross Harley, Lizzie Muller, Richard Goodwin and Lindsay Kelley.

You can register online here

The panel celebrates Leonardo’s impact by providing a transdisciplinary change of perspective on the world. The panel is synergetic with The Big Anxiety theme: “Art + Science + People”. The Leonardo Panel takes place on the 24 October and will be a general discussion on the future of publishing in the area of Art and Science.

This follows on from the Leonardo celebrations at ISEA2017 Manizales, Colombia, Laboratorio de Arte Electronica, Pontifica Universidade Catolica, Rio de Janeiro, Pierre L Capucci & Cultural Association La Communicazione Diffusa, Bologna, Italy, Balance Unbalance Conf. Plymouth, UK and Milieux, Hexagram, Montreal, Canada where they were reimagining our future. We invite anyone interested in publishing or artist/writers who have published in Leonardo, Leonardo books, Leonardo Electronic Almanac to come along with us on this journey of art, science and people.