15 Oct 2022



The Capitol – RMIT

113 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000


Saturday 15 October, 7pm – 9pm

Drawing on stories from Honor Eastly’s critically-acclaimed ABC podcast of the same name, this groundbreaking performance memoir about the lived experience of suicidality is brought to life with visuals by highly sought after video and projection artist Carla Zimbler. 


Usually when we talk about suicide we say those four magic words: “just ask for help”. But Honor Eastly knows it’s not that simple. She’s been there and back, and now has years of phone recordings and diary entries, from the inside. 

Part performance, part personal essay, this special event is a deeply intimate and unprecedented insight into the lived experience of suicidality, and the complexity of navigating the mental health system in Australia, brought to life at The Capitol with visuals by highly sought after video and projection artist Carla Zimbler.  

This is a show for anyone who’s ever wondered if life is worth living. For anyone who loves someone who has. And especially for anyone who’s felt at war with a system meant to help them. At times heartbreaking, and desperate – but also darkly funny, and charming, No Feeling Is Final is a story of difference, identity, and why we should stay alive. 

Artist Biography

Honor Eastly

Honor Eastly is a writer, podcaster and mental health advocate. In 2021 she was the recipient of the Australian Mental Health Prize for her work both inside and outside the mental health system. She is the writer and producer of the No Feeling Is Final podcast, a ground-breaking narrative memoir series based on her experience of suicidality and help-seeking in Australia. She is also the co-founder of the grassroots peer support initiative The Big Feels Club. Recently she was a key advisor to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and has subsequently led the implementation of key recommendations from the commission. Her creative work has been described as “darkly funny” (by The New York Times) “total magic” (by The Atlantic), and “really quite nice” (by her mum).  

Carla Zimbler

Carla Zimbler is a highly sought after and experienced VJ and designer. As a visual artist, Carla Zimbler bends light across interior/exterior architecture and soaks sculptural forms in vivid textures as a live performative experience. Her site-specific installations shift orientation and perspective to redefine spatial boundaries and transcend the everyday, kindling desire for otherworldly places of belonging. Carla invites audiences to examine abstract ephemera and contemplate the intricacies of the micro/macro and cosmic worlds we exist in.  

Utilising creative technology and generative software to explore luminous phenomena, bodies are drawn into immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, burst and dissolve. These intimate, experiential worlds explore concepts regarding emotional connectedness, symbiosis, metaphorical lightness/darkness and other contrasting dualities.  

Carla’s visual work has been featured at Sydney Opera House, National Gallery of Australia, Arts House, List í Ljósi, Reykjavík Winter Lights, Distortion Ø, VIVID and Sydney Biennale. As a VJ, her festival credits include Dour, LungA, Melbourne Music Week, Beyond the Valley, Field Day, Festival X, Inner Varnika, Something Unlimited, Wide Open Space and Art Not Apart. Carla has also designed stages and content for MESS Studio, PACT Centre, ACMI, Phoenix Central Park, Mixcloud, Boiler Room, W Hotel and Pretty–Soon. As an Artist-in-Residence, Carla has engaged with SÍM Reykjavík and the Centre for Projection Art. In 2022, Carla will invigilate the Australian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale. 


This live theatre performance is drawn from No Feeling Is Final, the groundbreaking podcast series, originally created by Honor Eastly in partnership with the ABC. Based on years of Honor’s own audio diaries, the series is a raw and deeply intimate insight into the lived experience of suicidality. 

The series received worldwide critical acclaim, taking out the #3 spot on The Atlantic’s prestigious “Best Podcasts of the Year” list, and receiving praise from major outlets like The New York Times, TIME and The Financial Times. In 2019 the series won the Third Coast Director’s Choice Award, considered the top international award in podcasting. The series has also elicited hundreds of thousands of downloads, and thousands of messages to say: “thank you for helping me feel like I belong on earth”.  

“Total magic” – The Atlantic 

“Mental health explored like never before” – The Financial Times 

“Though it deals with a heavy subject matter the power of No Feeling Is Final is in the case it makes for going on living” – The New York Times

How to Engage

This show has been designed as an audio visual staged performance at The Capitol on Saturday 15 October. Audiences are invited to sit and experience Eastly’s mental health story, told as a first-person narrative through music, video and performance. This event will be followed by a Q&A with Honor Eastly. 

Strobe Effect Warning: Please be advised that this show may contain strobe effects and intense lighting which may not be safe for those who are sensitive to light.