27 Sep 2019 — 16 Nov 2019



Tues-Sat 10am-5pm


A film intertwining spoken poetry with experimental sound and music, evoking the artist’s memory of childhood trauma and loss.


Single channel video with sound
Duration, 10 mins 50 sec

SO IT BEGINS is a short film with an emotive soundscape that tells the story of one moment in time that forever changes the world of a young boy.

In this moment, a boy loses his father and his own life as he knows it. Expressed through poetry, and intertwining speech with experimental sound and music, the work takes audiences inside the artist’s memory of childhood trauma and loss. An attentive form of listening is imperative to engaging with this work, where the artist’s words are communicated through a voice that is also transformed through this defining moment.

Artist Biography

Sam Kerr-Phillips

Sam Kerr-Phillips is a 26 year old artist and filmmaker who uses a powered wheelchair for mobility. He lives independently in Fremantle and has worked with DADAA since he was 18 years old. Sam works in visual art visual art and began performing as part of the Sight Unseen Project in 2013. As part of this process, he worked with visual/digital artist, Paul Kaptein to create a filmed component of his live work titled FEY FAY

From 2014-2016, Sam worked on two digital/film projects with DADAA and performance company, Hydra Poesis. The first project was Australia Council funded and experimented with live broadcast performance. Sam created a number of short works as part of the project. He participated in the Digital Dialogues project (Australia Council for the Arts/Disability Services Commission) between 2014 and 2016 and continued experimentation with live and pre-recorded performance work.

In 2017 and 2018 Sam worked on another Australia Council funded project, Mixed Reality, and  created a work which focused on his identity as a young man living with a disability. SO IT BEGINS has screened as part of The Other Film Festival, Perth in October 2018.Sam is currently in the final stage of editing a new filmed work with mentor, Lincoln McKinnon and is developing digital artworks and a blog in DADAA’s Paper Project Studio.

In December 2018, Sam published a new work as his alter ego, DJ Spudster. The Obscenity of the Natured Bush Out on a Relaxing Retreat can be found on Youtube.