Brisbane dates changed due to Covid-19 – The Big Reach now May 26-27

25 May 2022


Contact for further information and registration

Wed May 25th 1-4pm.

QUT Gardens Theatre Foyer

2 George Street Brisbane


Creative Ageing, Technology, Storytelling.

Bringing the insights of older age into virtual reality.


In this 3 hr workshop you will explore storytelling using Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies (VR, AR), immersive media, and sound recording (no prior experience needed).

There are three parts to this afternoon of creativity, technology and storytelling.

Transcendence – created by playwright and QUT PhD student Caleb Lewis to document what happens when aged care residents, their family and staff experiment with VR. Part of a Facebook funded project

The Visit – Experience the Visit, an interactive VR experience developed from a groundbreaking project with artists and psychologists working with women living with dementia. Visitors are invited to sit with Viv, a life-sized, photorealistic animated character whose dialogue is created largely from verbatim interviews.

Now it’s your turn.

Creative immersive media storytelling about the experience of ageing.

Register to take part in individual pre-workshop online storymaking sessions and/or register to take part in the workshop on the day.

The storytelling sessions/workshop will focus on living environments – the spaces that make us feel comfortable (or anxious) and how we imagine the future.

For more information or to register email