Speaker Series

Featuring an exciting line-up of expert creative thinkers including international guests Leslie Jamison, Claudia Rankine and Daniel Regan, this series features conversations and performances exploring the major anxieties of our time.

In Writing the Future of Health, a showcase of writers with disability share works that reimagine and write towards a better and more inclusive future of health.

The preeminent contemporary writer on empathy, Leslie Jamison, will discuss her approach to writing about creativity and mental health.

Join two highly celebrated poets and thinkers, Claudia Rankine and Evelyn Araluen, for a deeply-considered and far-reaching discussion of the potential of poetry for political resistance.

Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe, Daniel Regan, Honor Eastly and Sally Hepworth discuss their approaches and responsibilities when crafting creative depictions of mental health and creating depictions that are authentic and relatable, yet free from stereotype or reduction.

The Big Anxiety Speaker Series is co-presented by RMIT Culture and The Wheeler Centre