8 Oct 2019 — 20 Oct 2019


LAUNCH: 8th Oct 5pm-7pm

9-13th October: 9am-3pm
18-20th October: 9am-3pm

VENUE: BoomGate Gallery, Long Bay Correctional Complex, 1300 Anzac Parade Malabar NSW

Artworks from inmates at Long Bay Correctional Complex and Justice Health Forensic Hospital, examining the critical role of art in the maintenance of mental health.


“The prevalence of poor mental health amongst prisoners is considerably higher than in the community, and studies worldwide have shown that suicides in prisons are up to 10 times higher than in the general population” – World Health Organisation.

Many prisoners at Long Bay Correctional Complex have mental health issues or diagnoses such as depression, schizophrenia or trauma. In the Justice Health Forensic Hospital there are more severe instances of disorders that have led to violent crimes.

In Trouble, an exhibition of artworks from inmates at Long Bay and the Forensic Hospital, illustrates the constructive role that art plays in the recovery and maintenance of mental health. It includes paintings, drawings and writings, with these personal responses to difficult circumstances illustrating how critical art-making is to wellbeing.

Exhibition Catalogue Available for Download here