28 Sep 2017
5:30 pm — 9:00 pm

VENUE: UNSW, Art and Design, Paddington Campus

A big night with Lois Weaver’s Long Table; Vic McEwan and Clive Parkinson’s Intensive Care; exhibitions at UNSW Galleries, EPICentre and surrounding venues open until 9pm with live events, projections, screenings, artists and curators’ talks, guided tours, and more!
Schedule of After Dark events:

5.30pm – 6pm: Artists Elena Knox (Lull Studios) and Dawn Joy Leong in conversation in the Snoösphere

6pm – 8pm: Long Table with Lois Weaver, AD Space

7pm – 8pm:   Special Presentation “Intensive Care: Clive Parkinson and Vic McEwan” followed by book launch EGO2

5.30pm [on-loop video installation]: 216 Westbound, Shona Illingworth EGO2

External video projection, Topography of the Unseen by Volker Kuchelmeister, will appear on the outside of the EPICentre building (Paddington) during the evening.

Open all evening until 9pm:

Group Therapy
Labyrinth Psychotica
Nerve Centre
Deep VR
Parragirls, Past, Present
Harmonic Oscillator

Catch the Tiger
Beta Shockers